Saturday, March 6, 2010

Get Real

I wanted to get back to what is real. What is pure, delicious, and yes, truly pleasurable... Eager to put an end to the steady, systematic poisoning of my husband, children, and myself, I emarked on a quest for food. Real food. Not processed, reconstituted, enriched, pesticided, ladden with corn syrup and empty calorie "food like" products.

Pen and palette In hand, I headed back to the lands of real food. I traveled across this over processed, over productive, under nourished and overfed great nation of ours for an adventure and an education. And, what I discovered was in fact, a way to find our way back home. Countries away, among the people and foods of the Rainforest I found what I hope will be my next journey.

In Belize and Guatemala, among the shanties, dusty dirt roads, barefoot and care free children, and the laid back, laboring people I discovered a culture rich in food, flavor, and substance. Like the genuine, sometimes complex histories of the various Belizean and Guatelean people, so too were the foods and flavors that I found myself photographing and embracing. Passionately and desperately documenting my experiences, I compiled stories, experiences, and recipes to bring home.

As I made my way back to the airport, I found a renewed sense of energy to provide for my family. Just as my heart, soul, and yes, appetite have been fed by the generous (though not necessarily by my misguided North American standards) people of Belize and Guatemala, so too must I now share generously with, ironically, the more deprived members of my family, back home in the richest, most priviledged nation on the planet. And with you. Eat well...

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