Friday, March 26, 2010

Travel Time

The flight is on schedule and all of our luggage makes it through security without a glitch. All 16-3.5 oz bottles of shampoo, sunblock, Aoe Vera, and mousturizer. Each carry-on nestles into the overhead compartments perfectly and just when I thought it couldn't get any better, sealed- though still somewhat nasty acrylic blankets await us at our seats. Best of all, this airline is serving us Coke products. Sorry Northwest- the take over did have one advantage.

Four hours and forty five minutes later:
One teenager plugged in to iPod- checkmark.
Two younger children sharing a movie and not bickering- checkmark.
Husband who pulled an all-nighter in preparation for this trip, out cold-checkmark.
And me, not yet officially in paradise, book in hand, very, very content and already living la vida loca- checkmark.
All of this bought and paid for on the credit card (with that customer service representative back in February) -priceless.
"Prepare for landing." Let the vacation begin...

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