Monday, July 14, 2014

Dear Fellow Mother Of Boys...

Dear Fellow Mother Of Boys,
Below is a link to a posting by however prior to sharing it with you, I thought I'd add my own two cents...
1) If your husband has extensive travel commitments, after day 4 of him being away, DO NOT put yourself in a horizontal position on the floor or a low couch. You will be tackled and there will be attempts to engage you in wrestling. And you will likely get hurt and someone will end up in tears. Most likely YOU.
2) Dance with your boys often every day if you can because upon entering Middle School you will be forbidden from dancing in public...or singing anything that resembles THEIR music, or wear a bathing suit that may not cover your chin and toes.
3) Do not ask, "Do you like my new haircut?" Boys do not develop a poker face until they learn how to play poker (our house, age 10 as I consider it math), and the will respond with, "Uhmmm..." Or in my case, "You look like a boy."
4) When you open the door and 2 or more boys are standing over the potty, simply ask them to clean up from said, "Sword Fighting," as it's inevitable that someone's going to miss. On the flip side, they will have great fun even though you will never quite understand the challenge yourself!
5) Buy a membership to Costco for them, and a membership to a gym for you...they only grow vertically and can consume calories at a miraculous rate.
6) Never, never, ever, never judge another parent. Every child is unique and a blessing in his own way. So are the Mother Of Boys!
Benj, Elliott, Jeremy- I love you more than tongue can tell. I love you more than there are fish in the ocean, stars in the sky, chocolate chips in the chocolate chips pancakes... and you are the greatest gifts I have in my life. If you ever get around to reading my posts, please don't ask me to un-post...?!