Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now

Admittedly, just days before we were due to fly to our sunny, exotic vacation destination in the Dominican Republic, I was having second thoughts. First, it was the middle of February on a frigid and long winter evening when I began researching this vacation. Desperate for an escape, on a whim I had found this resort at 2 o'clock in the morning on the Internet. The following morning, after conferring with my husband, I had then provided the friendly telephone booking agent at the Wyndam with my credit card number, (as well as the "security code"- yeah, so secure on the back of my Visa and provided to so many). Later that same morning, The Today's Show ran a segment on bogus resort destinations. Apparantly, with careful editing and a little trick photography, some of these resorts appear to be luxurious and picturesque but upon arrival, turn out to be dumps for dubbed American travelers. Coincidence that this is being broadcast on my kitchen television this morning or a message from the travel fairy? Secondly, the only items packed so far for this journey were the 5 bottles of Malaria pils- one per family member. And last but not least, my rising level of anxiety about this trip was exacerbated by the fact that I would be traveling to the unknown with 2 young boys, one moody teenager- who thought of himself as both buff and brilliant (and unfortunately for me, above maternal wisdom or guidance) and one chronically sleep deprived, raging workaholic in the midst of yet another round of negotiations and acquisitions. Hence, my trepidation.

The day before our scheduled depature, The Today's Show appeared on my kitchen television once again though this time with the local weather forecast running across the screen. These final days of March were due for colder temperatures and snow?
Adios Minnesota.
Vamos a Dominican Republic...

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