Thursday, February 25, 2010

Travel Critic

Don't be such a snob.
I bit the bullet.

(Sung to the tune of Beverly Hillbilies)
Now listen to a story 'bout a girl named Deb.
Stay at home mom, job to keep her family fed.
And then one day she was sick of stayin in.
So she loaded up the truck,
Headed east, Wi-scon-sin.
Baraboo. The Dells. Kalahari .
The land of tacky.
Bad food.
Badder tattoos.
And, a ton of fun for my kids.
And a common denominator everehere you turn? A life lesson for all of us city slickers ...
Tall or short. Morbidly obese w/lots of back hair or thin and spray tanned with "floaters"...
Keene- Cartier-Pilates packing woman or connvention attending-car mechanic.
We are actually not so different after all.
We are wading in, slidingdown, climbing through, splasing around in, overly chlorinated, bacteria killing chemical treated luke warm water.
And yet, together, each one of us is sharing a common sort of bond.
We are all here to share in the glee and pure joy that covers the, now pruned and smiling, faces of our children.
As I look around at what I once considered a cesspool in the middle of Cheesheadville, (born and raised here bty) I now see a little bit of paradise.
So, my review:
Value proposition 10
Food (just fine but there I will remain a snob) 6/7
Customer service 10
Massage for Mom 10
Bonding with our breaking away teenager 10
Ambience- well....that all depends How you look at thigs... Looking at my family and living in the moment 10.

Loading up and hitting the road,
See you next week...

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Location:THE Dells

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