Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day1-Buy The Cow

Probably a good idea for these boys to buy a cow as it would appear that I am the only member of this family who knows to put the milk in the refrigerator after pouring cereal. And well, its gonna get expensive when gallon after gallon spoils and has to be poured down the sink. Well, assuming they smell it before dunking their Oreos!
As for my day so far, I highly recommend Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. My other unsolicited advice however- if on strike and reading in the peace and quiet of your bedroom- lock the door. In the last half hour I have had one son try and talk me into helping him clean his room with him, a task by the way, that I asked of him back in December. "Mom," he begins his appeal, "logically, how long do you think you can actually keep this up? Your maternal instinct will kick in at some point and when that time comes, do you want to be welcomed back into total chaos? You should help me with my room now. Mom, come on. Enough." Pause. "Mom, what is that? What are you doing raising your arm up and down like that in the air? That's just weird. What does that even mean?" (In fact, what I'm doing looks very similar to when, as a child on a road trip, I would pump my arm up and down as the truckers drove by and they would, to our juvenile delight, honk their loud truck horns. Then everyone in the car would applaud. I assure you, no ones's applauding now...)
"That, my dear, is my invisible picket sign. I simply cannot cross the picket line to your room. Sorry. Best of luck." He leaves shaking his head but unbenounced to me, our bedroom door is now a revolving door.
Enter another son. "Mom, that's enough! Dad is awful. He just told me to fill up his car and yours too. I have plans! Go talk to him please. I need to leave! He's crazy! Your strike needs to be over. I'm not spending my Sunday doing chores for Dad!"
Oh, but that's where you are sadly mistaken my little prince. If you would just pitch in every now again, Daddy would not be outside removing the car battery from the vehicle you drive, you would have already filled up our cars and well, I wouldn't be on strike, now would I?!
Wait for it... Wait for it... and the arm goes up with the imaginary picket sign again!
I'm about to log off and return to reading my novel but guess who should just arrive next through the revolving door? Did my sons cross paths in the hallway?! "Mom, guess who isn't going to get their iPod!? This is all your fault! We're not going!" Crocodile tears rolling down his angry face,"dumb, stupid strike!" He exits. (FYI- Thems fightin' words as "dumb" and "stupid" are outlawed in these parts. )
But wait, as now entering through the revolving door- husband Dan. (If you've lost count- number 4 of 4 of the males in this house) More later... Gotta go show him my picket sign.

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