Saturday, March 3, 2012

They Can Dress Me Up But They'd Rather I Didn't Go Out

I bought a pair of running shoes at Dick's Sporting Goods yesterday. They were discovered by Dan and the boys today... "NO Mom!" "Absolutely not Mom!" "They look like you took every highlighter from your desk and decorated your shoes with them. Are you in need of attention Mom?" And then, I looked to my baby, my little Jeremy. "Uhm, no. I agree with them. Those are just the ugliest shoes."
Number 1: Unlike the male members of my family, I am actually running. Began running a year ago and despite having bought new Asics for my son and a few pair of Nike's for the others, one Mallin Man has yet to join me on the track. Woosies! My niece and nephew ran with me this summer. Maybe I should have bought them running shoes!
Number 2: Who asked for their fashion advice anyway? The new, absolutely adorable Asics sport bright polka dots against a white background. So girlie! So cute! I love my new pair of running shoes! I can hardly wait to put them on in the morning and I smile just thinking bout making my way downstairs to watch the View while racking up miles on the treadmill. Doing so, BTW- while the rest of the house sleeps. Woosies. It would appear that Girl Power literally "runs" this house.

Since when would I seek fashion advice from my children? Every time my oldest son sees me, frowns and comments on my Mom jeans I respond with, "Hey Benj the Calvins may be from Costco but your education ain't! Go study." I'm not exactly the picture you see in fashion magazines with the big X over the face. Then again, I can't justify what jeans cost now.

They hunt, they wear camouflage and bright orange for heaven's sake. They fish, they wear...well, whatever they find regardless of whether it matches or not. Sometimes the clothes are not even necessarily on the right person or clean for that matter. They throw together an outfit for leisure or dress, you can bet is will involve a white t-shirt and flannel. Those shirts are a staple in our house like milk & Oreos. A day doesn't go by that there is not flannel and a T seated at my table.
Hello?! And you want to advise me on my workout shoes? My adorable polka dotted workout shoes are the cutest thing since ruby red slippers.

A few hours ago in the kitchen, Dan looked at me sideways. "Might you," he gently inquired, "want to iron that?"
Uhmmm... This would be the crinkle scarf that is sewn in little feminine waves. I paid for these waives just as I paid for the polka dots.
"Actually, it's the style. Much like the weathered Packer tshirt I bought you. You know, it's supposed to be a little unique." He's looking at me with the deer in headlights look. "You know the one. The one you like to wear... a lot" Truth be told, I love seeing my husband in his Packer t-shirts. As he is to his family, to his friends, and to those that he works with, so too is Dan loyal to his team. I love this about him. And I love that he thought my scarf was fashion challenged.

I don't actually mind that my boys speak their mind about what I'm wearing. In a really loving and protective way, they are trying to take care of me. I bought a pair of leggings to wear with my high winter boots. While putting the finishing touches on my outfit, Elliott came in. "Is that what you're wearing to the Lenny Kravitz concert?"
"Do you really want to look like a suburban housewife at a Lenny Kravitz concert?"
"Uhm, you think?" I turn around now so he can see that along with the leggings and long sweater there is a little tank top and a very cool (if I may say so myself) necklace.
"Oh, okay bye." And he exits in a hurry. I guess he may have preferred the suburban housewife look after all?

And so, we have yet another issue to work out, my boys and me. I have to dress in a way that they like but it shouldn't call any attention to the fact that I'm a girl? I guess I won't go buy that camouflage bustier and legging set I've been admiring...

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