Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dog Training

Still in my kitchen. Yup. And my little family will enjoy another homemade fresh baked bread and a lovely, savory pot roast. All because we have a new puppy, I'm tied to the kitchen and I'll be darned if this Little Miss Daisy isn't going to be potty trained within the month...

Every 20 minutes the timer goes off and out the dogs go. Now, with the entire cooking frenzy, I've had to adjust. One timer is solely dedicated to food timing. But the little red timer... That is the timer that alerts anyone within ear shot, that it's time to run outside. Again. And again. And again.

I'm like an ongoing Pavlovian experiment. The timer goes off and my immediate response is to either look to the cooking triangle of my kitchen or to look to the floor to find the dogs. I imagine that if there was a camera on me the scene would be laughable. See Debbie. See Debbie as she sets the timer. See Debbie as she resets the timer. Don't see Debbie? She's outside again. And again. And again.

If you're looking for me, I'm in the kitchen. Stop by... Visit the dogs. Have something to eat. Tomorrow I'll be testing a new recipe for a lovely Vermont Cheddar Bread and maybe I'll begin setting the timer for every 25 minutes...
Is this dog trained yet...?

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